Welcome to the Ultimate Warhammer 40K Experience!

📯 Greetings, noble commanders and champions of theImperium, Xenos overlords, and Heretic scum alike!

⚔️ I am your trusted host and guide in the grim darkness ofthe far future, where only war reigns supreme. Allow me tointroduce myself - I am Thai Binh Duy, Saigon Warcompfounder, your dedicated Warhammer 40K Board Game Hoster.

🛡️ With a passion for the vast and complex universe ofWarhammer 40,000, I have dedicated myself to bringingenthusiasts like you together for epic battles, strategicshowdowns, and an unparalleled tabletop gaming experience.Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a fresh recruit, mygoal is to create an environment where the glory of war canbe fully realized.



Tournament Hosting

Prepare yourselves for the most intense and competitive Warhammer 40K tournaments! I meticulously organize events that cater to players of all skill levels. Whether you seek the thrill of the battlefield or the glory of victory, our tournaments are the perfect arena for your skills to be put to the test.


Board Game Coaching

Embark on a journey of mastery with personalized Warhammer 40K coaching sessions. As your coach, I will share the wisdom of countless battles, strategies, and tactics. Whether you're looking to refine your army list, perfect your deployment, or enhance your overall gameplay, my coaching services are tailored to your specific needs.


Community Building

Join our ever-growing community of Warhammer 40K enthusiasts! Connect with like-minded players, share your stories of triumph and defeat, and forge alliances that will echo through the ages. The bonds formed in our community go beyond the tabletop, creating a fellowship that transcends the grim reality of the 41st millennium.


Custom Events

In addition to regular tournaments, I specialize in organizing custom events to cater to unique playstyles and preferences. From narrative campaigns to themed battles, the possibilities are as vast as the Warp itself.


Co-Hosting Tournaments

Looking to amplify your event or collaborate on a grand scale? I offer co-hosting services for Warhammer 40K tournaments. Together, we can create an experience that transcends the ordinary, drawing in warriors from near and far to partake in epic clashes that will be spoken of for eons.


Referee for Hire

In the heat of battle, fairness is paramount. As a seasoned referee, I am available to ensure that every engagement is conducted with the utmost integrity. My role is to adjudicate disputes, enforce rules, and guarantee a gaming environment where honor is upheld and victory is earned through skill and strategy.